Podcast Interview on Exchanging the Law for a Life of Street Evangelism

I was recently approached by someone on Twitter who wanted to interview me about my seven plus years as a street evangelist. He had seen some of my posts asking for prayer for homeless people or those who requested Bibles, and knew that I had been an attorney for many years before I became a street evangelist. I agreed and, thankfully, even though I talk fast, I believe that I was able to communicate why I do what I do in as clear a manner as is possible. I hope you will consider listening and will be encouraged. The photos below are a small sample of the precious souls to whom I have been able to minister and give Bibles, tracts and when necessary, food, socks and water(provided by my church).

The Interview:

From a Career as an Attorney to Life as a Street Evangelist: My (Very)Unexpected Journey

Richard, Joshua and Jeffrey listened to the gospel, asked lots of excellent questions and were encouraged to study the Word and get their sins washed clean in the blood of the lamb. pray for them. ✝️🙏🏾✝️
There is nothing more rewarding then seeing someone intently studying one of my tracts. I pray he gets saved. ✝️

My Evangelism Journey to Key West, Florida


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