5 thoughts on “A YouTube discussion on the preservation of God’s word over the last 2000 years.

  1. I just listened to your utube discussion on different versions of the bible. Have you not heard of Alberto Rivera, a high ranking Jesuit, who left the Vatican to disclose how the Catholic Church sets about changing scripture.

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      1. Thank you. After reading more of your site I realized you probably encountered his teachings. For the common person, such as my self, it is easier to understand from reading Chick Comics, how the Catholics, myself being a former one, have been deluded as a nation and a people. I would have never understood yours and the other gentlemans comments had I not been exposed to Rivera.

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      2. He truly was a brave man, who rejected everything he knew to be true for the sake of the gospel. The Bible that made its way into his hands, over time, bore fruit. Those chick comics are solid. I have every single one of the Alberto series.


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